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The most common household air filter, this MERV 8 filter has an astronomical advantage against competitors for "dust holding capacity". Most retail filters hold between 10 and 20 grams of dust before creating such high air pressures making it necessary to change your filter. Ours reach the same levels of pressure at 50-60 grams of dust, meaning that there’s much more margin for error, especially in dirty conditions. More importantly, with our subscription service, it means you’re changing the filter before the air pressure gets high enough to cause a spike in energy usage.

Effective Against: 

  • dust
  • pollen
  • lint
  • dust mites 
  • mold spores
  • pet dander

PerfectPleat® Benefits & Features:

‣ Patented Media Design and Frame Construction.

‣ Made waves as the first truly self-supported pleated filter on the market.

‣ Advantages: Full media utilization, maximum dust holding capability, extended service life, maximum airflow.

‣ 3 pleat support spacers glued to the "air leaving side" to maintain exact pleat spacing.

‣ No wire backing = Environmentally friendly. No dies, no metal, fully incinerable with no chance of rust and safer to handle.

‣ Self-supporting and crush resistant.

NO METAL. This differentiates our filter from nearly every retail pleated filter, nearly all of whom use filters with a metal backing. The metal backing, while necessary for MERV 11 or MERV 13 media, has some downsides – it can catch on the framing when inserting the filter, making it more difficult to install or possibly damaging the filter, and it can also catch on and cut fingers - no bueno. Also, if the filter is left in too long in wet conditions, there’s a chance the wire could rust and flecks could get into the airstream. No metal means disposal is more environmentally friendly, as well.

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