Replacing your air filter: is it worth it?

Replacing your air filter: is it worth it?

Most homeowners and renters know that you’re supposed to change your air filter every one to three months to keep the air inside your home clean, but there are several other reasons to routinely replace your filter. One widely popular reason is to save money! Paying a small price every couple of months for a filter replacement will save you from costly repairs and other issues in the long run. Here’s how:


Clean filters improve air efficiency

When you have a clean filter, your equipment will run more easily, lowering energy bills. Changing your filter regularly will keep your HVAC system clean so that it doesn’t have to overwork to keep air flowing throughout the house.


Less expensive maintenance needed

You can spare yourself the stress of calling the electrician to fix your HVAC unit when it breaks down. With a consistent change cycle of your HVAC air filters, you reduce the likelihood of potential breakdowns between services due to clogging and wear and tear on internal parts. Change your air filter and dramatically reduce repair costs.


Regularly changing filters extends the life of your HVAC unit

Just like properly servicing a car extends its lifespan, so does properly maintaining an HVAC unit. To help your HVAC system work properly for a long time, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on filter changes, just like you would with changing your car’s oil. If you don’t take proper care, the unit will become clogged with dust and particles, forcing the system to use more energy to push air out. In the long term, this will damage the parts in the system, eventually leading to a breakdown.


Better temperature control and air quality

Just one well maintained HVAC unit can work twice as well as two older, clogged units. Changing your air filter will give you the best temperature controls and air quality, filtering out allergens and optimizing your unit’s abilities.


An air filter subscription service like Filterme will send your filter to you at a frequency of your choosing as a reminder to change your filter--with no hassle of measuring or going to the store. So sit back, relax, enjoy the fresh air, and let us do the work for you.

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