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Who is Filterme?

Who is Filterme?

Our story

After becoming home-owners for the first time, we quickly realized the amount of things you remember - or forget - to keep up with the maintenance of your home.  

It took our furnace breaking down in the dead of winter to remember to consistently change our air filter. Even then, when we went to our local home improvement store, we could never remember what size or kind of filter was needed. After an unsuccessful trip (or two) to the store, we eventually took a picture of our filter size. But we still found ourselves standing in the filter aisle, staring into the oblivion of options in front of us. With prices ranging anywhere from $20-$40, and a variety of MERV ratings (whatever that meant), what did we actually need? Should we pay more to get a "better" filter just in case? How often did we REALLY need to change it? Should we just buy in bulk? Do any of these things really make a difference? There has to be a better way..... 

BOOM! FilterMe

Listen, we know there's much more important things to remember. Like trash day... Is it recycling week? Or making sure you have buns for your cookout on a summer night after a long week... How about that picture you've been asking for help to hang that's been sitting on the floor for two weeks? Are we out of dog food?

Please let us help so that you have one less thing to think about on a Saturday morning. FilterMe will help you select the best filter for you and send it direct - when you need it. Set your delivery schedule based on YOUR circumstances and let that be your reminder. That’s one less item on your “to-do” list, forever. Life can be hard... your air filter shouldn’t be.


For You History Buffs 

We are a military family adamant that our filters be sustainably sourced and manufactured in the USA. We work with the world's largest manufacturer of air filter solutions that was originally founded in the 1920's. The first ever air filter was developed in 1921 for automobiles and the concept was so successful, that it led to major milestones in the industry- Production of filters for 21 types of Allied aircraft during World War II, and supplying environmental control equipment for underground launch sites and control centers for ballistic missiles during the 1960s.

Since then, air filtration solutions have been designed and manufactured for commercial and residential HVAC systems, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical, biological, radiological & material processing, and for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals since 1950. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of high-efficiency filters and filtration systems used by nuclear plants. Another example of their expertise occurred in 2011, when the company was asked to provide air filters that enabled U.S. Air Force aircrafts to aid Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. We are honored to partner with a company that has such a rich history within the industry, and we hope you are too.

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